A bakery in Australia named Dessert Boxes tried to make a joke out of the Amber Heard - Johnny Depp trial, and that didn't go very well. The bakery sent Amber Heard a dessert box with a cake in the shape of a slash finger and a bottle of vo-dka. This incident came out after Johnny Depp testified about his ex-wife toss a bottle at him, which resulted in the tip of his finger being cut off.

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Dessert Boxes were quick to take a video of the cake and post it on TikTok and captioned it ' We're sending Amber Heard a box.' They also said that the piece of cake will be sent to Johnny. Although they might not have done it with an bad intent, the video went viral, garnering about 555,000 views and 15,000 likes. While some liked the idea, a few others took an misdeed and went on to comment saying it was not funny.

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In a conversation with indy100, the bakery said that while many supported them, they also received ultimatum. Johnny has been charge Heard for a defamation case where the latter charge Johnny of domestic ab-se in an article. Johnny is charge Heard for $50 million in damages.

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Heard, on the other hand, has made multiple charges against her former husband citing he was physically and se-x-ally abu-ive. She has also requested immunity from her ex husband's suit and sought $100 million in damages.

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