We, generally, disregard the importance of un-der wear when it comes to fashion sense. However, un-der wear, on the other hand, forms our outline and thus plays an important role in how we carry and present ourselves. Visible p-anty lines or b-ra strap protruding out of your clothes make a mess out of your whole dressing sense. Here we have discussed nine bloopers that each one of us had unconsciously made at some point in time in our life. In the bonus section you’ll find alpha geek advice to avoid such embarrassing errors.

1. Visible P-anty Lines

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  • Visible P-anty lines, aka, VPL is one such blunder that every woman has made if she is fond of shapewear. In this day and age, women do not blush to think of wearing tight wears, but you don’t have to wear them repeatedly as it can cause skin irritation.
  • It must not be forgotten that the purpose of shapewear is not getting zipped yourself in the tight dress. You can place your reliance on shapewear for doing away with a protuberance in your skin.
  • The color of the shapewear needs to tone with the color of your clothes.
  • One can put on shapewear with or without regular un-der wear.

2. Skintight Un-der garments

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  • Seamless un-der garments should be preferred to skintight un-der garments as they don’t leave visible lines.
  • One can also prefer thongs simply because they don’t have lines to show this makes them the beau idéal un-der garment.

3. High-waist and Low-waist Clothing

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  • High-waist clothing is back into fashion and one must take it into consideration while getting your hands on your dress.
  • High-waist clothing can be preferred to low-waist clothing as it puts your bo-dy imperfections out of the sight.
  • However, if you are keen to wear low-waist clothing; it should be low-waist enough to be obtrusive above the waistline.

4. Visible B-ra Stra-ps

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  • Visible dress must be avoided at any cost as it could ruin your look.
  • You will rarely see any celebrity wearing a visible dress on the red carpet.
  • Visible dress is could option only if your b-size allows it.
  • One can also go for options like adjustable or removable if one is willing to wear a V-neck dress.

5. A b-ra and low neckline

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  • Often low neckline dresses are worn as a summer evening dress. High chance women make mistakes in choosing their u-garments when it comes to low-neckline dresses.
  • Plunge b-ra is the best choice for low-neckline dresses there is an underband of the plunge b-ra which is located very low making it suitable for low-neckline dresses.

6. Contrasting un-der garments

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  • Printed un-der garments are not a thing to wear every day. It is difficult to combine them with our clothing. This ignominious error must be avoided at any cost.
  • It is best to wear b-ra under bright or dark printed clothing.
  • You should also avoid wearing light color thin pants with dark and printed p-anties

7. Sleeves armholes and a b-ra

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  • If you love wearing tops with wide and low sleeveless armholes, there are certain tricks that you must keep in mind.
  • Silicone b-ra with transparent straps and bands is the best choice that one must go with if they are planning to wear dresses with sleeveless armholes next time.
  • You can also choose to have decorative camisole if you are wearing a casual dress.

8. Nu-de and Black

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  • It’s really a tough job to consider which un-der garment one should wear with which outfit.
  • For black outfits, one must always go with the black un-der garment. This would certainly bring down the chances of wardrobe mal-function.

9. Bonus: Basic rules that must be remembered regarding un-der wear

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  • You must replace your p-anties every six months. They get stretched out and will not give you the sleeker outline that you look for.
  • You should have a combination of a few p-anties and one b-ra as they are worn out.
  • French wear experts recommend buying a few p-anties whenever you go out to buy your deodorant.


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