Heartwarming Moment A Little Girl Helps Her Disabled Friend Operate A New Motorized Wheelchair – Video

This is an adorable moment a little girl motivates and helps her friend while she rides on her new electric wheelchair. The lovely images of the little girls were posted online on a social media page by ruby’s parents, to raise the awareness of H-ABC it is an incurable, extremely rare, and debilitating di-sease.

Image credit: Jukin Media

In the video Little Abby was seen whispering in Ruby’s ear, to motivate her to operate the new wheelchair. After that, she took Ruby’s hand and placed it on the handlebar. When ruby was all set and started riding her new chair, Abby stepped backward and watched her friend buzzing around with a blissful smile.

Image credit: Jukin Media

The voice of their parents can be heard in the video as they filmed Ruby driving in and out of cones which seems to be an obstacle course. And when Ruby’s chair comes to halt, Abby would come by her side and would whisper more words of encouragement into her friend’s ear.

Image credit: Jukin Media

The duo can be seen chatting, whispering, giggling, and staring at each other while they talk. In between their conversation, Abby would run to Ruby’s other side and whisper more words in her ears, presumable giving her more encouragement.

Image credit: Jukin Media

As soon as they finish their chat Ruby would speed up her chair again and begins driving around the obstacles.

This touching clip was filmed in New York, Pennsylvania.



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