Microsoft Outlook is a well-known and reliable email application. To protect your emails, it makes use of PST files. These files function as safe deposit boxes for Outlook, holding all of your important documents and emails. This is why many companies wish to transfer their emails into Outlook from other systems (such as those that use EML files). Discover the simplest methods for importing EML files into Outlook with this blog.

The best ways to import EML files into Outlook will be covered in the blog that follows. We will also go into more detail about the trustworthy method that makes use of the EML to PST Converter. You can complete the import procedure without losing any data with the aid of this program.


How Do I Open An EML File in Outlook?

There are two basic manual methods, while quite sophisticated, for importing EML files into Outlook. For migrating EML data, however, employing a professional solution is frequently more dependable and safe. It is advised to use a specialized EML file converter, particularly if your EML files include a large amount of data. First, we'll import EML files into Outlook using Windows Live Mail. After that, we'll import the data directly into Microsoft Outlook. Next, we'll use Outlook Express to move EML files to Outlook. Finally, we'll think about importing several EML files into Outlook using a professional service.


#1. Use Windows Live Mail to Import EML Files into Outlook

  • Start by launching Windows Live Mail and Outlook on your PC.
  • Click "File" in Windows Live Mail, then select “Export email.”
  • Next, choose "Email messages" and press “Next.”
  • Next, select "MS Exchange" as your export choice, then press “Next.”
  • There will be an alert that verifies the export. Press “OK.”
  • Click "OK" after choosing the folders you wish to export.
  • Allow the export procedure to be completed.
  • Click "Finish" in the Export Complete wizard after it's finished.
  • You can transfer your EML files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook with the aid of this method.


#2. Manually Convert EML Files to Outlook

  • First, turn on your computer and launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Next, locate the location of your stored EML files.
  • Choose the EML files that you wish to import next.
  • In addition, use Outlook to drag and drop these files into a folder.
  • If you'd like, you can complete this all at once.
  • The EML files are imported into Outlook once you've dragged them all in.
  • Outlook now displays the contents and attachments from your EML files.
  • You can quickly read your EML files in Outlook by following this procedure.


#3. Use Outlook Express to move an EML file to Outlook.

  • Click "File" while Microsoft Outlook is open.
  • Tap "Import/Export" after selecting “Open & Export.”
  • Choose "Next" after selecting “Import Internet Mail and Addresses.”
  • Select "Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, or Windows Mail" from the import tool dialog and hit “Next.”
  • After selecting your preferred method for handling duplicate items in Outlook, click "Finish."

The method described above makes it easy for you to import data from EML files into Outlook. Here, we completed all of the manual EML importation tasks into Outlook. However, there are some difficulties in carrying them out. The same will be covered in the part that follows.


Drawbacks of the Manual Approach to Success

Manual techniques are not always easy to use and might be challenging. It is therefore recommended to think about utilizing a different option. The primary causes are as follows:

  • Programs on your computer, like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook Express, are required for manual techniques.
  • When employing manual techniques, there is a chance of data loss.
  • Following manual processes might be tedious and time-consuming.
  • To complete these tasks successfully, you may require technical expertise.
  • Taking these things into account, choosing a different approach can save you time and lower the possibility of mistakes.


#4. Trustworthy Method for Adding EML Files to Outlook

A feature-rich and adaptable solution for seamlessly transferring your EML files into Outlook is the Softaken EML to PST Converter. It works well for managing many files at once without erasing any information. Even before you complete moving the files, you can review how everything appears. Additionally, the data structure and integrity are preserved by this program. Together, let's go over each step to ensure everything is understood.


Procedures for Converting EML to PST Files:

  • First, launch an administrator-level Softaken EML to PST converter.
  • Next, choose the EML files or folders containing the EML files that you wish to convert.
  • Next, examine the contents of the folders by previewing them on the preview screen.
  • Next, before you save anything, review the EML files' whole contents.
  • Additionally, select "Outlook PST" from the menu.
  • If you wish to convert data just from particular dates, you can now create filters.
  • Select the location to save the converted PST file here.
  • The conversion procedure will begin when you click “Convert.”
  • We will now import the generated file into Outlook. To learn the process, follow the steps listed below.


Open Outlook & Import the Resultant PST file:

  • Continue to launch Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
  • After that, select "File" from the program's menu at the top.
  • Next, select "Open & Export," and then press “Import/Export.”
  • Click "Next" once you've selected “Import from a different application or file.”
  • Select "Outlook Data File (.pst)" as the file type to import, then click "Next" once again.
  • Locate and choose the PST file that you already produced.
  • To begin exporting your emails into Outlook, click "Finish" at the very end.


Getting the Last Words from the Author Pen,

You can import your EML files into Outlook with ease if you follow these instructions. Therefore, it makes managing your emails and maintaining orders easier. Do not hesitate to seek assistance if you have any questions or encounter any issues during the import process. We've also given you many methods for importing EML files into Outlook. You have access to all of them. Simply select the method that you believe you can use with ease.


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