A pastor lifeless for thirteen minutes makes a stunning recovery as his grandchildren laid hands on him and declared healing through prayers. The faith of Pastor Jim and his wife Pam was tested when Jim suddenly lost out while going for a walk outside. He had no pulse. And when the medical authorities arrived, they immediately transported him to the .

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Pam frantically called an elder of their church, and the Spirit impressed to him that Jim will live and not lost his life. Hence, they declared God’s goodness despite the unfavorable circumstance. Meanwhile, Jim’s heart stopped for 13 minutes. He fell into a induced coma. According to Dr. Michelle Guzowski, the physician who attended to the pastor, it was censorious. Because for every minute that a heart stops beyond a limit, you have decreased gore flow, leading to potential brain wound. Even if he survived, he could lose some normal abilities.

Grandchildren Pray

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Amid Jim’s censorious condition, over 100 church members gathered together to worship and pray. For three hours, they praised God and declared that “no armer formed against him would prosper.” Jim wasn’t responsive for days despite the doctor’s simulation. But the church continued to believe in God’s faithfulness and continued praying for him. Until one morning, Pam received news that her husband had brain injure. Hence, Justin, their son, and grandchildren prepared to say goodbye to Jim because it could be the last time to see their grandfather. And when they visited Jim, the grandkids laid hands on him and prayed. Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

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The whole room witnessed the miracle that even doctors and nurses cried about what happened. Everyone saw with their own eyes the miraculous power of God. How amazing is our God—a Miracle Worker!


Stella Abunaw Takang - Amen. GOD listens to our Prayers.. Thank you Lord. Never underestimate the power of fervent faithful prayers.

Sirisha Gunnabathula - Amen praise to the God Almighty everything is possible with God

Hattie Jones - That is a great thing for his grandchildren to be taught about God because he is a miracle worker. Be Blessed.

Saliya Banda - That is the God who still works miracles. He is our amazing Father, the miracle worker.

Margarita Sanchez - Glorious miraculous God Almighty, I praise your Holy Name. Thank you Jesus!

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