Fans Notice As Amber Heard’s Co-Star Jason Momoa Starts Following Johnny Depp Amid Trial

It seems like Jason Momoa is now taking an interest in Johnny Depp. Some fans believe that the Aquaman star has begun following Depp on Instagram two weeks into Depp’s headline-making denigration prosecution against his former wife and Momoa’s co-star, Amber Heard. The stars’ former partners have been squabbling in Fairfax County Court for two weeks as both celebrities are trying to clear their names.

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In 2018, for The Washington Post, Deep was seeking $50 million for an impressive piece that she wrote. Also, she claimed that she was a sufferer of household turmoil. Amber Heard is su-ing Johnny Depp for $50 million over an op-ed that she wrote in 2018 for The Washington Post. He claimed that he had outraged her on multiple occasions.

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So, many are finding it tough to decide whom to support as more information about the couple’s chaotic marriage surfaces. Maybe Momoa has chosen to quit Game of Thrones. It looks like some of his fans’ assumptions are correct. Fans also noticed Momoa following Depp on Instagram since the prosecution, per Gamerant. Momoa is not sure when he started to follow Depp on social media. But, many of his fans conclude that he wasn’t before the prosecution.

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Even though it looks like Momoa is in favor of Heard, it’s significant to recall that Momoa continues to follow Heard. Momoa’s decision is not only showing his support for Heard but also illustrates his impartiality in the legal process. However, Heard’s future with DC Aquaman, (who plays the love interest Mera) could be an obstacle, nonetheless of whether Momoa supports it or not.

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