Alonzo Johnson, a 23-year-old from Massachusetts, recently won the internet after someone posted a picture of him helping an old man down an escalator. Johnson said that he was at the Holyoke mall at Ingleside when he noticed an old man hesitating to step on the escalator.

Image Credit: Yelp/Josselen.G

The old man paused on the top of the escalator, and there were people around waiting to get on. Johnson quickly went to the man and offered him help. He accepted his offer and told Johnson that he had once gotten stu-ck in an elevator, and that was why he was anx-ious about getting on it. Meanwhile, Paula Picard was at the same mall with her friends, witnessing this incident.

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She was quick to snap a picture of Johnson along with the man linking arms as they went down the escalator. She then posted the picture on Social Media. The picture quickly went viral and garnered many likes and comments. Many appreciated the young man for his kind deed.

Image Credit: Facebook

Johnson said he never realized such a simple thing he did would have gone viral. In today's world, where we often come across stories of political drama, w-r, and rac-sm, this story is sure to make your day much better.

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