On Wednesday, Kanye West's Instagram account posted a caption calling Trevor Noah a race-related slight who hosts Daily Show. Kanye West has been temporarily removed from Instagram after disregarding policies on disrespectful words, hectoring, and annoyance.

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According to BuzzFeed News, a Meta spokesperson informed that Ye would not be able to post, comment, or send Dms for 24 hours. The spokesperson also said many posts had been expelled from the account for disobeying policies on bitterness, hectoring, and annoyance. The spokesperson also said, if Kanye West continues to disobey policies after he gets back his Instagram account, strict action will be taken by him.

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In addition to his ongoing online quarrel with Pete Davidson, Ye on Wednesday yelled out at The Daily Show host Trevor Noah with race-related comments. Kanye's Instagram uploaded a screenshot of a Google search for Noah with the caption, “All in together now … Koon baya my lord Koon baya Koon baya my lord Koon baya Oooo lord Koon baya” after Noah did a part on his separation with Kim Kardashian.

Ye has continuously ravaged the Saturday Night Live star on his Instagram account as Kardashian began dating Davidson. Seemingly in a text message which was sent by Kardashian which was later posted by Ye on his account. Her message said, “She was worried that his posts would lead to someone mistreating Davidson.” Since then, Ye has released a vicious music video showing Davidson being beheaded, shared several screenshots of text messages, and also posted videos defining more statements about how his co-parenting relationship with Kardashian fell apart.

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Comedian D.L. Hughley called out Ye's attitude as vicious, provoking Ye to respond, "Don’t speak to me or my children, I can afford to ill-treat you.” Throughout all this, Ye has been deleting some of his posts hours after making them. It wasn't instantly clear which posts were taken down by Meta as policy infractions and which he eliminated himself.

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