TSR Exclusive Details: It could happen to you, Porsche Rosmon warns, but she wouldn’t wish what happened to her on her worst enemy. After a week in Las Vegas for a work convention, Porsche returned to the Tennessee home she shares with her husband on Saturday, only to find the place nearly cleaned out! Porsche shared her harro-wing experience with her TikTok followers then watched the video blow up overnight.

Porsche exclusively tells us she has not heard from him since and found that he had blocked her number as well as her social media pages. He left no letter, no explanation and she raked her brain trying to figure out why he would do this to her, especially considering things seemed fine before she left for her trip. “I got home, I opened the door and I screamed so loud, I’m sure my neighbor heard me,” Porsche tells us. “I cried. My entire apartment, everything was gone.”

Porsche, who is a newly certified self-love coach, explained that their marriage had their issues, like any other, but she doesn’t believe he was justified in leaving her the way he did. She said they had previously discussed separating a while back because she claims her husband was not comfortable with her pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams. “Entrepreneurship was on my heart and he wasn’t for that,” she said. “It made him uncomfortable.” Porsche says he gave her an ultimatum in regard to choosing her passion and living separately, or choosing their marriage, but she said there wasn’t any discussion or plan to end things.

She added that before she left for the trip, he was very sweet, almost calculating. She claims he romanced her and the two even slept together the night before she left. “I feel like I got played,” she said. Then during her trip to Vegas, where she went to attend a business convention, she said they were communicating before he stopped texting her all together. “The plan was to come back and eat crab legs,” Porsche joked. “There was nothing in my mind that told me this would happen. Nothing malicious was said.”

Then the bo-mb dropped when she arrived back home Saturday. Her brother-in-law (her husband’s brother) picked her up from the airport. When she got home, she found their apartment almost completely empty. Porsche claims her husband took all their major furniture including the couch, the dining room set, the washer and dryer, their bed, as well as all their televisions and their computer. To add insult to wound, she claims the same brother-in-law who picked her up from the airport helped her husband load and move their stuff while she was gone.

She called his mother immediately after she couldn’t get in contact with him and claims his mother said Porsche was just upset because he beat her “to the punch.” “My mother is deceased, that was my mother figure,” Porsche said of her mother-in-law. “I quickly realized she was on her son’s side. But despite this shocking life experience, Porsche continues to keep her head held high.

When asked why she shared her video, she said it was her form of release. “I feel like the way he did things, I feel like it was God closing the door,” Porsche said. On top of not speaking to him, she feels they may never talk again outside of mediation to settle their divorce. “The way things went down, if I never see him again it will be too soon,” she said. After sharing her story, Porsche adds that multiple women have come forward to share similar experiences and offer their support. She adds she’s even received gifts from complete strangers including food and a brand new mattress. Moving forward, Porsche says she wants to be able to help women should they ever be in her situation. “I would just tell women, if it’s on your heart to leave, leave the first time and don’t let this happen to you.”

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Crystal Miller - He asked her to choose between being an entrepreneur or their marriage. To him she choose being an entrepreneur when she left for Vegas. They both left the issue unresolved before she left. It was a test, she failed. You cant operate on a bunch of assumptions, communication is important. A conversation should have been had. There is definitely more to the story, I'm just commenting on the information provided. Edited to add check his page for his side: Brian T Rosmon

Brian Sanderfield Jr. - My man put the new deposit down and erythang. He calling the apartment office like I'm working on tight timeline need the keys Thursday and be completely moved in by Friday..

Lawson Robinson - I’m thinking he wasn’t comfortable with her dream & it sounds like the ultimatum he’d given her had fallen on deaf ears. They were living in a apartment so they obviously weren’t flushed with cash and he felt like he needed her working a traditional job. I definitely don’t agree with him taking all the property, that part was extremely tacky. But I agree with him leaving while she was outta town. My mother once told me you NEVER tell a woman you’re leaving & you never let her know when you’re leaving because she may try to hurt you… He wasn’t with having a non working wife & paying ALL the bills (his & hers) while she chased her dreams and it sounds like she’d made her mind up and was going for it irregardless of what he wanted so, he left…

Joy Delivered—Vacations - He believed someone flewed her out. Ok. I know flewed is not a word. It sounds good though. Who believes she got flewed out? On the real though, I have known men to fo this. Usually, they already have another girl lined up and waiting.

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