Queen of Dark: 24-Year Old IG Model Worth $4 Million For Her Beautiful Dark Skin Tone – Photos

Several young black women and girls are adversely affected by the smirch of colorism. But, for one woman her dark color has made her reach heights in the modeling industry with a net worth of $4 million.

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The 24- year old model Nyakim Gatwech is known to the world as the ‘Queen of Dark’.

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She was born in Ethiopia and her parents belong to South Sudanese who were constantly coerced to move to different places as refugees because of the dispute in the country.

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Her journey includes different challenges and adjustments but she was never ready to give up her self esteem.

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When she migrated to Buffalo New York she had to adapt to a new lifestyle that came with its challenges

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“I was good enough with my self-esteem and I began being ripped up by the society, and I began looking at myself,” she said in an interview with CBS News

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“Do I mingle in with the society deemed to be gorgeous?” Nyakim had moved to Minneapolis when she was a teenager and continued her high school and college studies there.

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She carries her confidence and fierce determination throughout her journey.

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Image credit: queennyakimofficial

She eventually blossomed acknowledging the beauty in her features.

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At present, she is a professional model with nearly 688,000 followers on Instagram.

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Her photoshoots caught the eyes of several people on the internet, People were attracted by her dark complexion.

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She is now the brand ambassador of several companies like Fashion Nova and according to Celebrity How, her net worth is around $4 million.

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She said, “She is a black lady, she is me and I am her. My gorgeous niece is the purpose for whatever I do, she doesn’t stare herself in the mirror and see anything else but beauty.”

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She also states, “ In a world that often tells us we are not the beauty level, I remind her and the entire black girls that they are absolutely gorgeous, smart, outstanding and much more.”

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